Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How was class?

Awkward: spotting a wedding ring on the hand of the guy that you were just checking out in class.

More Awkward: The girl behind you drops her highlighter. So, trying to be a decent human being, you reach down to get it. (*Note* you forgot that you were sitting in one of those awkward, not so stable desks that are deathly uncomfortable and terribly balanced.) How are you rewarded for your kind deed? Oh, your desk just tips over, that’s all. You’re trying to hold yourself up with one hand, legs flailing in the air, and everything is sliding off your desk onto the ground. You can’t get back up.

And… even more awkward: Although you’re trying your hardest to support your weight with that one hand that you have on the carpet, most of your weight, and the added weight of the awkward desk, is being supported by your head; which is now resting in the lap of the married man that you were checking out only moments ago.

Oh. My. Lands.

Eventually the guy in front of you turns around and kindly, but firmly, pushes your desk upright, bringing you along with it.

A little more awkward to finish it off: Thank heavens for laughter- right? Except nobody will laugh with you. So now you’re the awkward girl who just had some sort of fit in the isle and is now laughing to herself.

I think I made a great impression, don’t you?


  1. Oh my gosh, Macy... This is so hilarious.. I'm sorry, but I was dying of laughter when I read it! Hopefully it all turns out well, and significantly less awkward in the future right!! Good luck!

  2. Oh dear oh dear!!! Ha ha ha! I want to write a movie and put this moment in it.

  3. hahahahaha Oh my goodness. Bless your heart. That is so awkward but so terribly funny. Thank you for posting that!