Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello? Macy, are you in there?!

Of course I am!!! Sometimes I just forget that I have a blog... for really long periods of time...
I wish I was the avid blogger that I had planned on being. BUT I'm not.
 Sorry again.
It's unfortunate that most of my creative juices are spent on: 50% school and homework 5% writing movie plots in my head (this one's called 'The Magician's Daughter'. It's really good.) 15% on faceboook (sigh, I know, I know, but my little sisters miss me and they refuse to call!) 10% trying to remember the names of all of these people that I'm meeting- ALL THE TIME and the remaining 20% on other random activities. But don't worry. Creative juices replenish themselves. I think.
I was just popping in to say:

Life is pretty incredible.

Think about it. Open your eyes and really see what's around you. Count your blessings. Think of the people you love. Begin to comprehend how much God loves you.
Are you starting to understand how GREAT LIFE IS?!


  1. Your blog always uplifts me and I love it! And you. =)

  2. This post is just what I needed for my gloomy mood. THANK YOU! I hope your creative juices replenish themselves soon!