Wednesday, June 15, 2011

At Work

Yesterday at work it was REALLY slow.

(PS: Oh hey everyone- I got a JOB!!!! I work at Rod Works in Lehi- and I LOVE IT. It’s a store of unique iron and home décor. I spend my time there helping costumers find things- (because it’s like working inside of an I-Spy book in there) help them decide how to decorate their homes, working at the register, and closing at the end of the day. Great stuff.)

But! Back to the point- yesterday was really slow. We rarely had people come in. My coworker McKenzie (Who is HILLARIOUS) and I tried to keep busy by decorating in the store… but it seemed we were running out of things to do. So we started getting creative... Kenzie made some lovely jewelry with toilet paper and tape. I cut a snowflake out of an expired coupon. And together we kept ourselves fairly entertained while there were no costumers in the store until FINALLY it was time to close up.
Overall it was a pretty good day. :)

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