Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Fact: Naming my things… it’s what I do

So… a few of my possessions have names. I think they feel more loved that way. My mom will make fun of me for sharing this with the world, but I think that people would get much more joy out of their lives and their things if they named them. Here are some examples to get you thinking:

-My Car: Coche (it’s bright yellow- and the happiest thing you’ll ever see cruising around Rexburg.)
-My laptop: Kronk (my laptop is rather…ummm… broad… to put it gently. The delightful character Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove is rather broad in the shoulders… and he’s kind of the best thing that ever happened to the cartoon world. I feel this name is appropriate).
-My 2g jump drive: Harold
-My 4g jump drive: Fat Harold
-My camera: Johnson
-My Orchid: Oscar. Oscar the Orchid. It works nicely.
-My teddy bear: George Henry (yes, I have a teddy. Don’t judge me.)
-My Teapot: Sheila (once the water is boiling she becomes Screaming Sheila)
-My spider plant: Herman
-My little wooden turtle: Lucas
-My I-pod: Marley


  1. You delight me.

    Jacob and I's car = Moesha
    My jump drive = Rosencrantz

    I want you to meet my sister Beckah someday. Beckah has an uncanny knack for naming things. And she does so often. She once got a plastic gorilla toy and named it Nancy Pete. Her cat is named Stanley Copernicus. She named an extra long hair on her chin (which, incidentally, I and my mom AND my grandma have one of as well...what a weird thing to pass down) Forbes. And when she found another one later, she named it Straton, explaining that now her chin sounds like a ritzy department store.

    I think you two would be friends.

  2. Oh, and my favorite = Harold, and Fat Harold.