Saturday, January 29, 2011


My mom says she's getting bored with my blog... because I haven't posted anything for quite a while. Sorry Mom. Life at school is keeping me pretty busy (as well as thoroughly entertained) this semester. And, for a while there, I was running out of ideas of things to blog about.
So! Here's my first ever blog chain.
I realize that I'm always posting little facts and tidbits about all sorts of odds and ends, but rarely do I post anything about myself. While I may not be the most fascinating kid on the block, There are certainly some interesting things about me. Thus we begin. *Ahem*

Fact: I have REALLY weird dreams just about every night. We're going to start studying dreams in my Psychology class in a bit, so I've started paying attention to my own, and writing a little bit of them in a book. Here's the basic outline of a Macy Dream: If I'm not being hunted down or placed in an awkward/bizarre situation, I'm usually on some sort of quest. Also, I tend to dream in 'Tim Burton Style' as I like to call it. When you think about it, that makes sense since Tim Burton is constantly trying to make his movies seem more and more dreamlike.

*Running for my life: I was running from my psychopath husband who was trying to murder me. Yikes.

*Awkward: I was at my own wedding and had no idea who the groom was. Some creeper comes up behind me: Lo, and behold, it's the groom- who happens to be Edward Cullen. Ew. To top it all off, he gave me a Hello Kitty wedding ring. I was furious.

*Quest: My dad accidentally swallowed the universe. We couldn't tell yet, because it takes forever for light to travel through space and to the earth, and thus we were not yet plunged into complete darkness. (this was all very logical in my dream.)

*Quest/Bizarre: I often dream that I'm Harry Potter- which is pretty cool apart from the fact that I'm a boy...

*Running for my life: I was trapped in Mexico, being harassed by this creeper and trying to get a police officer to help me- all the while not being able to remember much of the Spanish I've learned.

*Awkward: I also often dream that we're about to put on a play, and that I'm expected to play a part that I've never in my life rehearsed for.

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