Monday, December 6, 2010

On the Brightside...

Winter has come… (At least in Rexburg… where it’s wintertime for the majority of the year). My first day back from Thanksgiving break, I was trudging through the snow on my way to class, slush soaking through my useless boots, the freezing wind making my face feel numb. And I thought to myself, “It could be worse. It could be lava” (a saying that I’ve adopted from my friend Peter Rakozy- thank you Peter). Then I thought, “Now Macy, that’s not a very good attitude is it?” *Sigh* no… no it isn’t.
SO! Instead, I began to list off the things that are GOOD about the bitter cold that is Rexburg winter. Ready?!?! Good- ‘cause here we go:
1.      Snow means Christmas is coming. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That is a VERY good thing.
2.      The cold is a wonderful time to drink hot chocolate and apple cinnamon herbal tea (which I happen to love very very much).
3.      Scarves are one of the best accessories in the world in my opinion- and they pretty much become a necessity when it gets this cold. Hoorah.
4. Soup. :)
5.      The peace and beauty of a gentle snowfall.
6.      The perfect joy of snuggling up in a blanket. It’s harder to do that when it’s warm outside.
7.      Sweaters. They’re better than a boyfriend: they’ll keep you warm, always be there when you want them, generally they’re very soft, usually they’re very cute, and they flatter you constantly. I’d like to meet a boy that meets all of those requirements. Until then- I have my sweaters.
8.      Ice skating.
9.      There’s something wonderful about being snug and cozy in your warm bed while it’s cold in your bedroom. Yes, this dismisses all desire to get up, but I usually have enough willpower to do it… usually.
10.  If you happen to HAVE a boyfriend or a husband- the cold is a lovely excuse to cuddle.
11.  Socks.
12.  If you need to keep something chilled and there’s not enough room in the fridge… you can just stick it outside.
13.  Building snowmen.
14.  Ok, let’s face it- winter is pretty romantic.
15.  “Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes”
16.  Reading a book by the fire.
17.  It’s too cold to crave ice cream… which can be a good thing.
18.  Christmas Lights
19.  Sledding.
20.  Classic Christmas movies and stories.

If I think of more I’ll add them. If you think of more, please tell me. Spread the happiness.  

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