Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas does not happen often enough.

I am so stinking excited to go home for Christmas because A: I’ll be home and B: It’ll be Christmas time. Those are two fantastically wonderful things. I love my family. And not in the way that everyone else says they ‘love their family’-You have to understand… I LOVE my family. So much.
Today I was telling my parents about the things I wanted to do while I was home for Christmas. My mom wanted to know if I was making a list. OF COURSE I’m making a list… in my head. But don’t worry. I put it down on paper while waiting for class to start. Are you ready for this?!?!?

Family Christmas to do List:
o   Sledding
o   Ice skating
o   Caroling
o   Build gingerbread houses
o   Candy making while watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life”
o   Build epic snowmen and an igloo
o   Go see the movie ‘Tangled’ which I’ve heard is fantastic.
o   Go see ‘Megamind’ Which the girls tell me was great
o   See the lights at Temple Square
o   ‘Forgotten Carols’ on Christmas Eve
o   Watch ‘The Nativity Story’
o   Build a fort and sleep in it
o   Make sock buddies with Jade (it’s long overdue… sorry about that Jade…)
o   Roast Chestnuts on an open fire ;)
o   Christmas parties with relatives
o   Something fantastic for new years eve… which is yet to be determined.
o   Family game night
o   Baptisms with the family
o   Movie nights (from this list, it may seem like we watch a lot of movies… well the fact is… we do.)
o   Family dinners (which is a given… but I just love meals with my family)
o   Read-a-thon with the girls (perhaps that will be included in the fort extravaganza…)
o   Turn on the lathe (not sure how to spell that) with Dad
*    Go work at a homeless shelter or Soup kitchen
*    Go to lunch with Grandma

Don’t worry. I’ll think of more.

I love Christmas.
The end.

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